I want!

So this morning while I was on  hold with yet another insurance company at work I was reading through my google reader. I stumbled across something truly wonderful on angry chicken. She managed to copy this beautiful dress from Anthropologie (the photo is from her blog and she took it out of the anthro catalog...because anthro won't let you copy/paste images. sad.) First is the dress which I now desperately want. It's green. It's feminine. It's silk. It's GREEN. But it's also $138 which means it will never be mine. If I were at all confident in my sewing abilities I would attempt what she did and copy this beauty. Her's turned out fabulously for only $17! I feel like I would buy some beautiful fabric and then butcher it. Perhaps I'll just save my pennies for the real thing, but by the time I have enough the dress will be long gone from anthro. Oh Anthropologie how you taunt me. 

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