those blasted bees

since the weather has been nice we've rigged up a little system that lets maddie roam the porch freely and hang out on her nifty bed (freecycle!)

the past few times i've been out there with her i've noticed quite a few bees flying overhead and figured they had a home somewhere nearby. not wanting our monster to get stung, i searched all the normal places but found no bees. then a few days ago we were outside watering my little herbs and a bee flew right into that ridiculous grill on a pole. of course! the perfect hiding place for a swarming bunch o bees... a dark old grill on a pole (apparently the pride and joy of one of the previous owners of the house).
so i went to the store and bought bee spray and my sweet husband risked life and limb to kill those darn bees.  he says they were sleeping peacefully when he opened that lid...didn't even see it coming. if only the grill was still hooked up to the gas line...we could have just lit them on fire!! all that's left now is the shell of their old home.
they'll probably try to move back in at some point, but for now our sweet monster can enjoy her sunshine unharmed.


the kitchen: phase 1

just a quick look at our project today- finally painting the kitchen! more detail to come but for now here's a before and after picture of what what accomplished today!



even the dark pictures taken late at night are SO much better! it's a pretty dark room and the change of paint really helps lighten things up- plus we covered up all the spots where the 60s wallpaper was showing through! 
phase 2 will include scraping the weird stuff off the ceiling, painting it bright white,  painting the pantry and maaaaaybe painting the cabinets. i'm not sure about those yet. thoughts?



if you're visiting from hip weddings... hello and welcome! holly did a feature last week on my vintage dictionary turned wedding gift.

head on over and check it out!
thanks for the great feature holly!!


The Dress- Update

The dress is apparently too full of polyester to dye soooo i decided just to wear it- in all it's ivory glory. more thoughts to be posted after the wedding as well as the story of what will happen to it when i get home. i see green in its future... even if i ruin it!


a wedding season dilemma- help!

well wedding season is certainly upon us, both in life and in this year. one wedding each in march, april, may and 2 in june. it's wonderful, fun and EXPENSIVE! plane tickets, shower gifts, dresses, wedding gifts, etc. gifts i can handle- lately i've been making everything myself (more on that in an upcoming post) but what's a girl to do when she's worn the same 3 dresses to the last 2 years worth of weddings?? luckily the wedding in march was with a bunch of people who didn't know me until after i got married - so i snagged a dress from my maid of honor and wore what my bridesmaids wore! i've always loved the dress & finally got to wear it myself! 

buuuut the wedding this weekend is an important one- brandon's best friend- and i can't get away with repeating the same dress for the 4th time! brandon is in the wedding and his dad is performing the ceremony so i'm feeling like i need to step it up. i've had my eye on a dress for a few months but funds have been limited so i've just looked at it. 

since i'm down to a week til the wedding i stopped by the store on monday just to check the price. i almost died. the dress was 80% off and marked down to....are you ready? THIRTEEN DOLLARS!! that never happens. never. and if it does they certainly don't have a size 2 left (i know, i know, poor me and my search for a size 2). soooo i snatched the dress, bought it and raced home. i warned brandon on the way home that i had spent money so that he wouldn't make that face when i walked in the door with a shopping bag. he still made the face...until i tried the dress on.  it's a hit all around!

but now i have a dilemma. i'm feeling like the dress might be a little too white to wear to a wedding (it's definitely ivory- but still). i have 3 days to decide what to do and a little voice inside of me says "dye it! dye it!". that can't be smart, but sounds so exciting.i'm not even really sure how that would work. i've dyed things before, but never something like this and beyond rit dye and my washing machine i have no clue what to do. the crazy girl inside me says try it and then if its a miserable failure go buy another $13 dress. should i do it? if so what color? (i'm leaning green of course)

opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!