treasury tuesday: #10

treasury tuesday is back! i've been featured in some beautiful treasuries this week & wanted to take a moment to thank the people who put them together. thanks to the great craftcult widget you can mouse over the picture to see the item name & price and click the picture to go directly to the item's listing! {the widget still isn't compatible with google reader so click on through to see these beautiful collections!}{{craftcult is the same site that stores screenshots of front page treasuries in case you made it & missed it!}}

a greeny green mood
featuring the sweet pea begonia clip. thanks bettas!

from my faves.
thanks so much my dear leonora!

craving a dirty martini.
this one made the front page!! thank you NoMarkAtAll!!

scoop of vanilla.
featuring my vanilla dahlia earrings. thanks wendy!

have you been featured in a great treasury? have you made a beautiful collection recently? share in the comments, i'd love to see them!


happy 4th of july!

{source: my3boybarians via pinterest}
happy independence day america
instead of celebrating with a parade or fireworks we're stuck at home since brandon is sick with a killer version of whatever i had earlier this week. we did manage to fire up the grill for some celebratory hot dogs! i hope your holiday is healthier than ours!