this week things have quieted down a little bit. i'm getting used to life all alone in the church office since our associate pastor moved last week. thankfully it shouldn't be for too long, since our senior pastoral candidate is visiting this week and he seems like a great fit for our church! 

 we attended a potluck meal with the pastor and his family which meant coming up with something pretty to feed everyone! 

enter beautiful rainbow fruit salad. grapes, blueberries, honeydew, kiwi, banana, mandarin oranges, strawberries, raspberries and tiny marshmallows {which make any fruit salad better} it stayed beautiful for the first 5 minutes and then was a mixed up pile of deliciousness. 

also on the menu this week were breakfast for dinner {dutch baby pancakes with peaches} and my go to work snack {oat squares & bittersweet chocolate chips}. yum!

after being m.i.a. for a while the deer have been visiting a lot this week. 

sometimes the pup thinks maybe she wants to be friends with the little deer and the deer occassionally think this might be okay, right up until the moment where maddie decides she wants to play! 

that lil lady in the bottom right decided to follow me to the mailbox and then block my route back to the house yesterday afternoon. i'm happy to see deer in the yard, but secretly i'm afraid one will try to box me so i'm much happier watching them from the deck than being in up close and personal! 

more crocheting this week!
 i'm continuing work on the giant blanket. when i started the project for our bedroom we only had a full size bed, since then we have upgraded to a king so the blanket got huge! it will probably take me years to complete, especially since i discovered i had a calculation wrong and have to do double the squares i had written down. oops...

another tiny baby gift in the works- flip flops!
seriously in love with this pattern from two girls patterns.

and finally a little something i'm cooking up for the shop for this fall! think cozy home accessories!

a little real life ridiculousness for you! my second job for the summer is at lick-a-dee splitz scooping ice cream & making various desserts and i absolutely love it! after sitting {mostly} by myself at church all day it's a welcome change to be around lots of happy people at the ice cream shop. this pic is me on my dinner break in the back room. such a happy place to work!

most of the time up here thrifting is a jackpot full of treasures but there's always the scary scary stuff that just begs to have it picture taken and then be left alone! 

things i passed up this week include a bucket o dog sweaters, a giant neon snowmobile suit and scary wig lady over there. luckily there were some treasures to be found, but those will be in their own post soon!

have a wonderful weekend. any exciting plans? my good friend katie from food, wine and mod podge happens to be coming up to the woods this weekend so i'm going to spend saturday morning with her before heading in to lickadee for the evening!

linking up over here with jeannett again! 
life rearranged



i live in the woods. 
for real. i live waaaaaay the heck up here. practically canada. 
{not really. practically the upper peninsula of michigan. or practically lake superior.
 i wish it was practically canada!} 
we moved up here from the suburbs of chicago and to say life is different in the woods would be an understatement!
in so many ways life up here is a wonderful change of pace.
i get to live where people come on vacation!
we are surrounded on all sides by lakes.
we can leave our doors unlocked- people leave their cars running at the grocery store.
winters, while long, are full of outdoor activities.
vintage abounds up here! no seriously...everything is old & no one cares. jackpot!

clockwise from top left: i do love that hodag, sunset from a pontoon boat, our pup's first swim of the year, and the morning we woke up to 20 inches of snow!

other parts of living up here are...odd.
that giant monster i'm kissing up there? that's a hodag. he'll be getting his own post soon, but just as an intro- he went from being a mythical beast invented by a hunter to the high school mascot and unofficial mascot of the northwoods. our old hodag is even making its tv debut on an episode of scooby doo in august! 
taxidermists outnumber coffee shops.
nothing is open past 5...except the bars.
kids ride to school on snowmobiles. 
we have bonfires on frozen lakes.
my husband carries his chainsaw in the back of his jeep- and actually uses it. 
walmart is 40 minutes away. target is an hour and 40 minutes. 
so is a mall. unless you consider a bank, coffee shop & verizon store a mall {our town does}

clockwise from top left: all bundled up for the pond hockey tournament, a vintage find ($2!), hubby taking care of a random tree, and the newest taxidermist in town. 

so, welcome to #iliveinthewoods! 
a new series that will give a peek into my quirky wonderful life in the middle of nowhere!



what a week it has been!
last weekend i went to my first northwoods ski show.
we dog sat for maddie's boyfriend bear. 
 we said goodbye to dear friends and prayed them off to utah on monday. 
i made yet another maxi skirt. this one is stripey!
i ate a delicious and terrible for me dinner of bundles of joy on tuesday.
i have a secret project in the works. clues are below & all will be revealed tomorrow!
i scored some sweet vintage finds this week including a 60s sewing table & machine on wednesday.
i've been trying to soak up every minute of summer in between my two jobs. 
i finished a set of custom order ADORABLE baby booties for one happy grandma on thursday.
{yes i definitely do custom orders- email me for info!}
brandon and i were blessed with a last minute sunset boat ride last night to round out date night!
 i love where we live and i love where he works. 

i'll be linking up over here with jeannett and her beautiful new baby boy!
life rearranged