i live in the woods. 
for real. i live waaaaaay the heck up here. practically canada. 
{not really. practically the upper peninsula of michigan. or practically lake superior.
 i wish it was practically canada!} 
we moved up here from the suburbs of chicago and to say life is different in the woods would be an understatement!
in so many ways life up here is a wonderful change of pace.
i get to live where people come on vacation!
we are surrounded on all sides by lakes.
we can leave our doors unlocked- people leave their cars running at the grocery store.
winters, while long, are full of outdoor activities.
vintage abounds up here! no seriously...everything is old & no one cares. jackpot!

clockwise from top left: i do love that hodag, sunset from a pontoon boat, our pup's first swim of the year, and the morning we woke up to 20 inches of snow!

other parts of living up here are...odd.
that giant monster i'm kissing up there? that's a hodag. he'll be getting his own post soon, but just as an intro- he went from being a mythical beast invented by a hunter to the high school mascot and unofficial mascot of the northwoods. our old hodag is even making its tv debut on an episode of scooby doo in august! 
taxidermists outnumber coffee shops.
nothing is open past 5...except the bars.
kids ride to school on snowmobiles. 
we have bonfires on frozen lakes.
my husband carries his chainsaw in the back of his jeep- and actually uses it. 
walmart is 40 minutes away. target is an hour and 40 minutes. 
so is a mall. unless you consider a bank, coffee shop & verizon store a mall {our town does}

clockwise from top left: all bundled up for the pond hockey tournament, a vintage find ($2!), hubby taking care of a random tree, and the newest taxidermist in town. 

so, welcome to #iliveinthewoods! 
a new series that will give a peek into my quirky wonderful life in the middle of nowhere!


  1. oh my goodness! I loved this post! i can't wait to read more!! :) gina

  2. Oh MAN! I LOVE this. So fun. I can't wait to read more posts. And, to come visit you one day. You really are WAY up there, aren't you? Crazy! I knew you were far up there, but didn't realize how close to Canada you are.

    1. SO FAR up here! can't wait until you can come visit!!!

  3. Ha ha. This is great. I recognize all these spots. Ahhh, da nort woods.

  4. Hello to a fellow 'sconnie!! You must live in Rhinelander :)

    1. hi! :) we're actually north of rhinelander but it's the closest thing to civilization around so we go there a lot (walmart, kohls, etc!)


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