can't sleep

so my grandpa is sick. papa. my papa. if i'm honest with myself he's dying- though he certainly won't admit it- and there's nothing i can do about it. my mom called to tell me how bad it was last tuesday and ever since i haven't been able to sleep. he's lived a long and healthy life but he's suffering so much right now that this is hard. when i'm awake i want to be doing something but i realize nothing is going to fix this; so i cook and clean for nana and bake for my mom and make earrings and blankets. brandon says it's that gift of hospitality in me that can't sit still when there's a need to be met. sooo tonight as i sit here trying not to think about the inevitable i decided to experiment with some yarn and crochet a few flowers. i envision these in the shop one day as pins. or on a pillow? or purse? we'll see. forgive the horrible photo. this is what happens after 3 hours of crocheting while watching high school musical 3. ugh. time for bed.

on a happier note there are new earrings in the shop and i just got this book to help me play with my new sewing machine!

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