flower power

lately since i haven't been sleeping well i've been doing lots of little busy work projects with my hands. a project that allows me to keep my mind busy while doing something else has been very helpful. out of this need to keep my mind and hands busy have been born three little flowers. 
the first were the crocheted flowers i wrote about yesterday, 

The second inspired by the pleated poppy and her awesome posy pins (which you should probably go buy). I had some matchy matchy fabric and just had to see if I could make a posy pin of my own! I'm totally keeping this one


and the second will soon be on it's way to a girl i know in the Northwoods who just turned 10!

It had two others to go with it, but a certain monster pup decided to destroy them.

 The third fancy flower was inspired by this tutorial for a felt flower pin. 

I wanted something to wear to the HoneyRock partner dinner so I used some fancy fabric I found in my stash. It turned out pretty great, but I should have fray-checked the edges. I didn't take a picture before it got all crazy frayed- but it looked much better! I'd still like to try it with felt- it would produce a totally different look that I think would be pretty great.  

Taking all these pictures of my projects lately makes me realize two things. Number one, our dog sheds EVERYWHERE. I knew that before, but all these close ups are showing Maddie fur weaved right into nearly everything I do. Second, I have a serious problem branching out from the color green. It's really my favorite color and it inspires me. I can be in the store, find a green bead or piece of paper or fabric  and see in my head what it should become. Other colors don't always do that for me, but I need to keep stretching myself to look at other colors and see a finished product.

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  1. these flowers are adorable! I especially love the fabric green, blue, and brown one!


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