One of my recent projects has been to take old pictures from around our house and Nana & Papa's house and make copies. We're hoping to start making displays for a memorial service now, before we need them. Though this whole situation is terrible and sad, this particular project has been so much fun for me. I love seeing pictures of my sweet grandpa when he was young and (very) handsome! Here are a few of my favorites so far (sorry the quality isn't great- the were scanned from some pretty old pictures):

This is Papa holding my mom before or after a trip, probably 1957ish. He was a pilot for United until he had to retire when he turned 60 in 1981. He loved flying and still talks about it all the time.
Here's Papa with my mom and Uncle Brad in the house they were having built in Topsfield, MA. My mom loved that house and has a painting of it (done by Nana) in our house.

Okay, besides the crazy shirt (but seriously- how great is that?!) this is how I remember Papa most of my life- taking pictures! He must have taken thousands of pictures during my childhood. Plus he's always been immaculately dressed. I just found out that most of the pictures he took got thrown away and it devastated me. He would choose the ones he liked, put them in an album or send them to us and then throw the rest away. So sad!

Here's my mom and Papa on what I think is his last flight. I've always wished I could have flown with him.

Here he's been a grandpa for just about 2 weeks. Yep- that's me! September 11, 1984. Greatest Papa a girl could ask for. 

That arm there is Papa- covered with every toy I could find. Don't I look proud of myself? He was such a good sport!

And now my very favorite photo. I found this in an album my mom had she told me it was "too much" to put up at a wake but I think it is WONDERFUL! 
Just look at those two! How adorable can you be?! He was a pilot, she was a flight attendant- the rest is history. 
I love you Papa!

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