Super Bowl Sunday

When we visited California in November we went to the Stanford v. Cal game. Before the game we went to the tailgate with Brandon's grandma and all her alumni friends. This isn't just any tailgate- they go all out with food and wine! Not to be outdone, Brandon's mom enlisted my sister-in-law's fiance Gabe to make an edible arrangement. He worked for Edible Arrangements for a while so he is quite the pro! I watched him the morning before the game- mesmerized- and decided I needed to make my own as soon as possible! 
What better occasion for a crazy fruit & chocolate creation than the super bowl? So last weekend I searched the house for a good size basket the headed to the store to find the things necessary for such a creation (okay sidenote- I went to the store the first time then wonderful husband went a second time). It was still cheaper than buying one already made, but strawberries and grapes are crazy expensive right now! Luckily the pineapples were only $1.88 each, kale was on sale and lettuce is cheap.

First I chopped up a couple of heads of lettuce to fit in my basket, then I covered all the lettuce with kale. Then came the madness. We dipped strawberries and pineapple in dark and white chocolate and skewered them up- along with grapes and uncovered fruit. I also took two big pieces of pineapple and covered them with dark chocolate and drew on the laces- footballs!
The end result was a ridiculously heavy basket filled with deliciousness! It wasn't as pretty as if we had bought it, or as Gabe's, but not bad for a first attempt. Brandon says if I had been paying more attention when Gabe made his then mine wouldn't have been so heavy- I tried covering all evidence of the bamboo skewers which he didn't do. Overall I'd call project edible arrangement a delicious success! I'll definitely do one again, but not until fruit prices get a little more reasonable!

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