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so i was thinking about taking pictures of my outfits for a what i wore wednesday post, but let's face it folks, snow boots & sweaters are getting old. i'm sick of them. i've been trying to dress like spring in order to make spring show up, but we're in the middle of a giant snowstorm right now so that's not working very well. 
instead of boring sweaters i compiled pretty pictures of thing i love and i'm linking up to what i love wednesdays over at lollipops

we had a taste of spring this weekend. we took the dog for a walk in the sunshine {without coats on} and i wore flip flops to the grocery store. that little taste of spring made me want more! 

1. brandon is a cyclist. i am not. he's hard core. i am not. no leisurely sunday afternoon rides around here because he's just too fast! i couldn't keep up if i wanted to because he has a road bike and i have a wanna-be mountain bike. i've had my eye on this pretty little bike for a while. she's pretty but not too girlie. she could make me legit!{yes, brandon i want a bike that costs more than yours did- sorry!}  trek madone 3.1 wsd

2. hello gorgeous clutch. you may have noticed eclu as the featured seller on the etsy front page not too long ago! the shop is geared towards bridal parties but i want every single one of their clutches. you can design your own & choose the flower/bow color plus a print for the inside. i don't need to design my own, i LOVE this one! look at that big beautiful green bow! eclu: design your own clutch

3. it's no secret that i love sweet harvey, llc. i have some of brandi's beautiful letterpress & i want more! aren't these cards perfect for writing a happy note this spring? sweet harvey: vintage bike letterpress flat notes

4.i love this bag. i love everything about it! the color, the knobby, nubby fabric, the ruffles. if i could own this i think i would hang it from a hook on my wall and just look at it!  made by hank: tough ruffles shoulder bag

since my optimism is not working, the snowblower is back out, the scraper got pulled out of the trunk, and i wore my boots today. winter is hanging on! these are the things that i love when i'm stuck "enjoying" more winter. 

5. ghirardelli mint bliss squares. 60% cocoa dark chocolate infused with mint. amazing. these are my favorite ghirardelli product but they have been discontinued. i had a stash from the last time i visited a ghirardelli outlet, but i was running out. my wonderful mother in law went to their ghirardelli outlet and sent me a new stash. this might be the last of them so i'm trying to make them last. ghirardelli: mint bliss

6. i love the west wing. it's my favorite tv show ever. i started watching it from the beginning {for the 2nd time in 6 months}and it keeps me company while i work in the studio. if you haven't watched it or think you wouldn't like it i suggest giving it a try! seasons only cost $18 on amazon right now so it can't hurt to buy just one! west wing

7. when it's cold & snowy i like to make things with yarn. it makes me feel warmer. my current yarn love is stitch nation bamboo ewe. when stitch nation yarns first came out it i bought all three varities and reviewed them here. bamboo ewe is my absolute favorite! super soft! i'm working on a bunch of tiny granny squares right now. perhaps for a giant blanket? debbie stoller: stitch nation bamboo ewe yarn

8. we had this wine with dinner last weekend and i loved it! i first discovered mezzacorona when i worked at the melting pot. we served their pinot grigio for $9 a glass and i loved it. happily it only costs $8 a bottle in stores {restaurant wine mark up is just so crazy}! recently i decided to see if the pinot noir was any good. i don't do well with really heavy, kick you in the throat red wines, so this easy pinot made my mouth happy! mezzacorona: pinot noir

9. those were the only things i had planned to mention, but as we battle this snowstorm, i must say i LOVE my boots! i bought these when we first lived up in the woods three years ago. we spent a lot of time in the snow and i already had the classic sorel caribou boots but i wanted something cuter. these beauties {sorel malina's} were on clearance at a local store. they only had one pair left, just my size & they've been keeping my feet warm & toasty ever since! sorel

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  1. We love so many of the same things...That bike is SO pretty (and I can't keep up with my DH either). I have that same clutch favorited on Etsy and I'm LOVING stitch nation yarn lately too!

    What cold part of the US do you live in? We're in MI and though we don't have snow, we seem to have lost any sunshine we had :(

    Ready for Spring, HB

  2. I, too, wondered where you are. We're in NY and got blasted with another snowstorm last night. Ice is due to hit any time.GRRRR. Im ready for spring as well!

  3. I neeeeeed that purse in my life :)


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