random thoughts on a friday afternoon

i'm sitting at work waiting for the bulletin to print & thinking of all the work still to be done at home. klondike days set up begins in 2 hours and i'm not quite ready! i won't be taking much product over today since i live so close and i don't want it all to sit there for too long. i will be taking the display over, including the two massive oak doors i use for hanging necklaces on. luckily we don't have very far to go because they don't quite fit in our car! come to think of it, neither does the 8 foot table i'm using. hmmmm

you may have noticed that the shop is looking pretty empty. i've cleared it out for the show and will restock next week with everything that's left & hopefully some new products! i made a few statement necklaces for the show that i'm secretly hoping won't sell. they might be my favorite ever! like this one, shown in progress...

sorry for the crummy late night phone photo!

this week has been stressful, filled with not enough sleep or coffee, feelings of anxiety and not good enoughness {yep. made that up} but i have been reminded again and again that God's mercies are new every morning. what a wonderful gift! when i would go to sleep exhausted and discouraged i would awake to a sweet, encouraging email or a note from a friend. thank you Lord that your mercies truly are new every morning! feel free to download and print the verse below to remind you on your tough days!

i'll resurface on the blog sometime next week but look for me on twitter this weekend with updates from klondike days. i'm really not sure what to expect from the show since the other festival activities include horse pulls and chainsaw carving and dog sleds! we shall see :)


  1. i love love love the colors of this statement necklace!! so pretty! :)

  2. i love that verse and its so good to know that his mercies are new every morning. i know life can get overwhelming at times but He will get you through! have fun at the show!

    looking forward to your tweets!


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