saturday snapshot

linking up again this week with kim's saturday snapshot party at yellow songbird! i know- it's sunday- but thanks to the servers at go daddy my blog was down all day yesterday. fabulous! today it's all fixed so here i am, linking up a little late!

some time in the year 2009 my best friend lynn gave me a random package of stick on mustaches {because i like fake facial hair- perhaps a mustache collage coming soon} i didn't have any reason to wear the mustaches so i saved them for a special occasion- what better than lynn's wedding?! i was hoping to secretly pass them out to the bridesmaids during pictures but it was too hot that day and my brain wasn't functioning properly! so instead we put them on right after the wedding and had the husbands do a little photo shoot. 
we called this one "mustache face" and i love it!  

head on over to yellow songbird to see all the other saturday snapshots!


  1. I love you :)
    Also, I can think of two pictures of you involving fake facial hair that MUST be included in any mustache collage. And that's just off the top of my head...

  2. oh my gosh jaqui. you are so cute.
    i totally failed i'm your partner for the earring swap and i droped the ball. your earrings will be in the mail tomorrow.


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