saturday snapshot

hi all! i'm linking up today with kim's saturday snapshot party over at yellow songbird! such a fun way to dig through old photos! 

in all the craziness the past couple weeks i didn't acknowledge two important events! march 5th was our little fuzz monster's second birthday and march 9th was the four year anniversary of the day brandon asked me to marry him. i'm writing up the story for this week {better late than never?} but here's a snapshot from that night. 

it was pretty late at night but we went back to my parents house and woke them up. they already knew it was coming but were so excited to hear the story they came downstairs in their pajamas. i love that my dad snapped this shot of my mom hugging the two of us after i showed her the ring! 


  1. I agree, what an awesome shot! Such a neat memory to have. Love what I have read so far on your blog.

  2. SO sweet. love that this was captured! thanks for linking up :)

  3. This picture seriously made me teary eyed. I love the look each of you has on your face. Such a sweet, sweet moment!

  4. I love this photo! What a wonderful moment to have photographed. I am visting via No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane :)


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