second hand saturdays

welcome to a new feature here on the blog where i spotlight recent thrifted or free finds!
 usually these are small items...plates or candlesticks for cake stands, jewelry to be repurposed, a skirt or sweater. but today, for the inaugural post of second hand saturdays, here's my most recent & most beautiful acquisition!

this beautiful hutch showed up on freecycle a few weeks ago. i just happened to be sitting in front of the computer when the email arrived. usually the good items like this go before i have a chance to ask hubby if he wants to haul it back to our house and send an email. on this day i decided not to wait and just sent the email immediately.

 i was the first response!! never happens. never. i could be the first person on a bag of cat food or some used coloring books but never something as pretty as this hutch! i arranged for some heavy lifting help for hubby and this little beauty made it home! it is now sitting in the corner of our dining room filled with linens, china and cookbooks. can't wait to see where it will live in our new home!


  1. That is totally awesome! I have been wanting a China Cabinet for soooo long! Can't wait to read more! I am following you now. Linked up from Etsyprenuer and Facebook :) Anna @ Moon River

  2. Oh wow lucky you it looks great but so does your hummus recipe below , yum thanks !

  3. That is an amazing find! I'm so jealous.


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