crazy things are happening

here's a clue
and another
but when we get there it will probably look like this...
final clue. 
did you guess it? 
we're moving!
to wisconsin!
the crazy part is that i'm starting a new job in three weeks.
we're moving out of the house by the end of october. 

this is both a long time coming and very sudden!
when we left HoneyRock in 2008 we left a big part of our hearts in the Northwoods. we love HoneyRock but we also love the communities of Three Lakes and Eagle River. we've had a burden on our hearts for those communities for sometime and in the past few weeks the doors have been opened for us to move there! 
i'm going to be the secretary & treasurer of the church we attended in Three Lakes.
a house for rent (and possibly purchase!?) dropped into our laps.
we should know about a job for hubby this week. 
my job will be structured enough that i know when i'll be at work and when i won't, but also few enough hours that i'll be able to put in good time as craftee mcgee, all before hubby gets home from work!

we're excited. and a little scared. and a little sad. but mostly excited.
more updates to come as this crazy whirlwind continues
(including a garage sale)

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