a new obsession

cheap. easy. delicious. 
garlic hummus!
we've been buying it at trader joe's quite a bit lately & i finally decided i should try to make it myself. 

turns out it's SUPER easy. 
and super CHEAP! 
the recipe doesn't use tahini so it's not technically authentic but it's so tasty that i just don't care!

please excuse horrible dark pictures. i decided this needed to be posted asap
(before we ate it all)

2 cans chickpeas/garbanzo beans (64¢ each)
let's take a moment to discuss the fact that i didn't realize these were the same thing until this year, even though it clearly says so right there on the can...

5 cloves garlic (79¢ for the whole bulb)
juice of 1 small lemon (33¢)
2 T peanut butter (calculations tell me this is 8.7¢)
2-5 T olive oil (i'm not calculating!)
kosher salt
(total cost: $2.497 for about 3 cups!)

disclaimer: i don't measure things. i add ingredients and blend and taste. and add more. and taste. and so on...but i tried to pay attention this time so you could recreate the deliciousness!

drain the chickpeas. save a few tablespoons of the liquid.
add garlic cloves to food processor and pulse to chop them up a bit.
add all remaining ingredients (including liquid from chickpeas & lemon juice) except olive oil
 pulse until well combined.
add olive oil a tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is achieved.
stick a chip in and taste it to make sure you have enough salt and/or garlic (we like a LOT of garlic!)
done and done.

(hummus is not the prettiest, but it sure is delicious!)


  1. I wouldn't have guessed peanut butter...hmm! Will have to try it - thanks!


  2. i wouldn't have thought so either, but that's what alton brown does in his hummus and i trust him with all things food so i added some to mine!

  3. I think we may share a similar hummus addiction! I was laughing out loud about the chickpea/garbanzo bean thing - again same thing here...

    I don't usually post links to my site on comments - but you have to read this very similar hummus post:


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