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welcome! today i'm participating in the it's in the bag blog crawl hosted by ashley of a hasty life. thanks for all your work ashley! this has been a great way to get to know new bloggers...and sneak a peek in their purses! {am i the only one who still calls it a purse?}

shall we? 

{the purse}

here she is. the lovely little gal that accompanies me everywhere and frequently has to dodge coffee spills! i designed this purse last summer, courtesy of my best friend, at 1154 lill studio in chicago! 1154 lill is "the original custom handbag company" and is one of the most fun {and stressful things} i've done! you get to select a purse as a blank canvas and then choose your fabrics. you can even choose a fabric for the lining & the pocket! it took us much longer than it should have but lynn & i both ended up with purses that exactly match our personalities! that was my favorite part- getting to design a bag that is so "me"! thanks again lynn! :)
{and yes you can design your own bag on their website. or order a premade bag & leave all the decision making to someone else! my next purchase will be this fantastic clutch!}

{the contents} 
(the cleaned out edition)

1. the lovely 1154 Lill purse

2. anne taintor business card case. i carry my cards plus those i've received from handmade shops & friends! i love anne taintor- her vintage pictures & snarky captions make me smile!

3. sharpie pens. love them. part pen, part marker. perfect for doodling!

4. anne taintor coin purse that carries all of our gift cards. hubby's parents are both teachers and they send us many of the gift cards they receive for Christmas & at the end of the year. score!

5. a seashell. can you even see it? i just found this when i dumped out the contents of my purse for the picture. must have snuck home with me from maui!

6. altoids smalls. i'm currently out of gum so these tiny mints are perfect after coffee.

7. bobby pins. regular & a vanilla dahlia pin made my me!

8. lovely leather wristlet from studio cat b. full of change waiting to be dumped in our coffee can.

9. lip gloss. loving the burt's bee's super shiny gloss!

10. mascara. maybelline great lash waterproof. black/brown. in case you were wondering :) 

11. the iphone. love it! continually amazed by all that it can do {even though i bought it refurbished for $40!}

12. vintage fabric pouch for storing receipts. lots & lots of receipts! trying to be better about the budget this year. it's from impact studios

13. mittens. lovely mustard yellow gloves/mittens from target. they don't do much if i'm outside for a long time but they're great for driving and the thumb means that i can answer my phone without using my nose!

14. journal/sketchbook. made by dayspring. i received this little guy for Christmas and it goes everywhere with me! the pages are either lined or graph paper and there are Bible verses scattered throughout. it gives me a great place to jot my endless lists & record ideas or sketches!

15. CM is for craftee mcgee. :) my sweet hubby made & painted this tiny token in the woodshop at honeyrock & gave it to me for Christmas. he also made me a full fledged sign, carved into a slice of a tree, that sits in my studio. when i see it i'm reminded that he loves me & supports my dreams!

16. the wallet. it's from target & i love it! the perfect shade of green and perfect size to hold my cards & {very little} cash! 

17. chocolate not pictured because i ate it all today but there are usually 3 or 4 ghirardelli squares floating around in my purse. they're perfect because the wrapper is totally sealed in case they melt. no horrible chocolate/purse messes!

i just realized that my keys are not in this picture which is odd. they should be! :) if they had been here you would have seen an anne taintor keychain that matches this {purchased by my mother who would never, ever utter that sentence outloud!}, lots of little cards for grocery stores & such, and a teal & green key fob from mom n mia quilts!

thanks for stopping by! while i look for my keys, make sure to check out yesterday's blogger in my group, alycia at the curious pug. and tomorrow stop in and see moriah at josiah's nest


  1. First of all ....your purse is beautiful!!
    I can't believe it fits all that!

  2. I love your purse!! It is so colorful!! And so are all the fun olive green contents. I love it! Thanks a million for participating in this blog crawl!!

    <3 Ashley

  3. yay awesome purse :) yours is much cleaner than mine!!

  4. hehehe! you sure do love your green!! love the pattern on your purse!!!


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