isn't it pretty?

the bloggity blog has received a makeover! in the past couple weeks i decided to get serious about branding. i also decided that the first step would be learning as much design and html info as possible. i also started advertising on a couple of wonderful blogs {here and here} which necessitated having a button! so, after much googling and fighting with picasa and picnik {because i can't afford photoshop & gimp makes my brain hurt} i managed to make that pretty new header you see up there, plus a new {matching} header & avatar for my shop and that button you see on the right. hooray! after all that work the rest of the blog just didn't seem to fit so i enlisted the lovely & talented dana to help me!

dana is so wonderful to work with! i knew i wanted things to be different & fun but didn't really know what i wanted. she listened to my weird emails, deciphered my ramblings and came up with some wonderful changes! she took my pretty header {that i'm clearly so proud of} and pulled out a gorgeous color scheme that she used for the rest of the design. 

so let's take a look at what else is new shall we? 
{click on the photo to see all the changes!}

i love it and if you do too, then go check out designs by dana. she's lovely & talented {have i said that before?} and she's working hard to raise money for her precious son mason. read his story here.  
hope you've enjoyed this little tour of the pretty new blog! 


  1. hey girl! I love the new look:)

  2. the blog looks great! Although, I'm not sure what it looked like before, since I'm just catching up/reading starting now :)


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