where is summer going?

i looked at the calendar and suddenly it was the middle of july! it's just starting to feel like summer around here (not the temperature....it's been hot for a long time) & i'm realizing it's halfway over! i had a mental list going of what i would like to accomplish this summer and it's time things got kicked into high gear. so without further ado, the summer to-do list!

summer 2010:
plant a vegetable/herb garden (there it is behind the monster!)

get the craft room organized once & for all
visit the french market (lots!)
have fresh flowers in the house at all times
go to baseball games (check! mlb. minor league. high school. summer ball.)
spend time in door county
make pesto with basil from our garden (5 times already!!)
visit the woods
do at least one craft show (whole post on this coming...i promise! i survived the rain...but just barely)
make the laundry area happier (in hopes of doing laundry more often)
catch up on the Bible study i wasn't able to finish earlier this year
go to california 
have people over for a barbeque
spend time with family
pick berries or cherries
visit the ocean 
visit the morton arboretum
eat lots of ice cream
spend extra time with my Nana
walk the dog more (goal: every night) (this helps us eat more ice cream!)
eat fresh sweet corn (soon!)
read through the Bible
take steps towards making craftee mcgee's a legit business(tax info arrived in the mail a few days ago!)
ride my bike
see the hawks WIN THE STANLEY CUP! (i know the picture is terrible- it was madness- but there's the cup!!)
visit cantigny
get tan (ha!)
go camping
read at least 5 books (5 wasn't enough. there's a list coming in another post)

looks like i've done better on my list than i thought! a bunch more of those will be crossed off this next week. and there's a post coming on the laundry room. and another on the craft room. hooray summer! i must admit i liked summer a lot better when it meant no responsibility!

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