our little camera recently took it's 5000th picture!

june 20. 
milpitas, ca.
all of lindsay (my sister in law) and gabe's wedding presents. 
about to be unloaded & opened at brunch.

the very first photo the camera took was deleted but here's one from the first time it was used
april 4, 2009.
three lakes, wi.
we bought the camera when we went to visit a litter of puppies that ended up containing our little monster. 

it's the canon powershot sd790 is. nothing fancy but it's done a great job! 
it was on clearance plus we bought the display model so we got an extra 20% off! all together we paid $80.

thanks little camera for 5000 pictures. for documenting our baby puppy, years 2 & 3 of our marriage, multiple weddings, my many projects, moments with friends, and now for taking great pictures of the products in my shop!  
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