new in the shop...

...and new in my repertoire! these tiny black earrings and the techniques used to make them have taken over my life!

i have seen many tutorials online for burned edge flowers...(i'm working on one right now) and decided i needed to try it out. now i am in love with this simple process! 
cut circles. 
hold over flame.
(burn fingers)
sew together
add something pretty in the middle. 
(freshwater pearls here)

more colors coming soon 
(chocolate brown, dark lavender and of course green are the closest to completion)

for now find the black ones here:

 yes. that's a coffee spill in the photo. coffee stains dominate my life. 

also i'm calling these earrings begonias. everyone else calls them poppies but i want to be unique! i really do think they look like begonias. or begonia hybrids. 
seen here and here


  1. What a fun idea is it a certin fabric type? Satin maybe?

  2. yep! those are made from a satin lining fabric. anything 100% polyester will work because it doesn't burn it just melts. i've also used 100% acetate which will melt but can also burn if it gets too close to the flame. satin, organza, tulle, etc all work really well!

  3. Those are really cute! I love them!


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