happy mothers day

just want to say a quick happy mothers day to a bunch of wonderful women- most of whom will never read this because they have no idea what a blog is!
happy mother's day mama. (and papa i miss you dearly). i'm so glad we've grown into a relationship that goes beyond just mother and daughter. i'm blessed to call you my mom and my friend. thank you for your love, advice and patience for many many years! 
(don't mind our out of control hair... )

and happy mother's day to you nana. you are an incredibly strong woman and i pray that one day i will have just a fraction of your faith. thank you for teaching me about food and art and for helping me to appreciate breakfast as the first and greatest meal of the day. even though i'm grown up i still love spending the day at your house more than most things in the world!

happy mother's day to you grandma chester. i think craftee mcgee gets a lot of her skills from you! thank you for teaching me to love crafts of all kinds, for passing down recipes and for loving me. 

 happy mother's day to my wonderful mother-in-law. thank you for raising a wonderful son. he is blessed to have you as his mother. thank you for welcoming me into your family and helping me feel included. thank you for supporting us in everything and for being interested in who i am. i am blessed to be a part of your family! 

today also marks the one year anniversary of bringing home our little monster. maddie you have made our lives crazier, harder and more wonderful over the last year! love you monster!

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  1. I love MOTHERS day so much,
    because I LOVE My mommy and grandmother's SO much:)



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