just be you!

SNAP! has come and gone.
i'm not quite back to real life since we've continued our trip out west.
we've had some time with b's family, i've gotten to squeeze our adorable nephew, 
we visited alcatraz (picture heavy post coming soon)
and now we're headed north for a dear friend's wedding. 
through all of this excitement i've been processing what i learned at SNAP. 

i'll do a few detailed posts later this week or next week when i get home but
i just want to share a few of the things swirling in my head. 
the theme of the conference was 
Just Be You
necklace generously given to all the attendees by the wonderful amy cornwell
i have had to just stop there and think.
just be you is wonderful. 
we are all unique.
gifted & talented in different ways. 
no matter how many craft bloggers and shop owners are out there
we are each
there is no need to compare ourselves to other, bigger shops or bloggers.
there's no need to try to be something we're not.
just be you.

here's the thing.
i've had a hard time lately figuring out how to be me.
there was a time, 
before the depression 
that i knew exactly who i was and it was easy.
easy to live as i was created to live.
i spent a time living in a thick darkness
where i hardly knew who i was or what i was doing.  
the depression has lifted {most days} but a fog lingers.
a fog that keeps me from seeing exactly just who i am
and getting back to who i was. 

so the thing swirling around in my head right now is
just be you! 
but how? 

wow, so that got heavier than expected. 
let's end on a happy note!
SNAP! was a wonderful time,
a refreshing weekend away from a life that is draining,
full of people who understand me.
i ate delicious food.
i collected all the bacon from the people who didn't like it. more for me!

i was inspired to grow. 

i stayed up late and laughed til i cried with these beautiful ladies. 

how's that for a quick little post? 
more later about all i learned and the beautiful ladies i spent time with!
also...i took about 4 pictures with my real camera so 
if you were at SNAP! pleaaaase go upload your pictures
to the flickr group! sharing is caring! 


  1. Bacon is good :) I love you friend! You are you. Creative, funny, beautiful! Just keep doing what you're doing. Love you bunches!


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