leaving on a jet plane!

today is the day! it's finally here! right now i'm on a plane on my way to phoenix, arizona for creative estates! i have been looking forward to this weekend for months and i can't believe it's finally here!

we were delayed about 20 minutes this morning because there was pretty dense fog in chicago which kept the plane we were using from landing on time. once we got on the plane they let us know we'd be delayed even longer because the plane was too heavy. what? isn't that something they can calculate before we're ready to leave? so we sat awhile and then pulled away from the gate. hooray! but no. we just taxied out away from the gate and then they brought out a little cart to move things around so we wouldn't be so heavy. how does that work? we finally left an hour late and the little flight tracker website tells me we're about to leave missouri and fly over a small corner of nebraska. hooray inflight wifi! which is the only thing this flight has going for it. no movie, no audio channels and tiny seats. i usually like to listen to the aircraft control channel, but i think that might be just united? speaking of united, i really hate the new logo and airplanes. that is all. 

that's my "we're finally in the air" face! 
i am so looking forward to learning, soaking up some sun and finally hugging some wonderful girls in real life this weekend. i am so blessed to be attending this event and will do my best to blog & post photos during the conference! make sure to follow me {@crafteemcgee} and the #creativeestates hashtag on twitter to be included in all the fun!


  1. You're hilarious!! Have a safe flight!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I found you from afd jewelry's blog. She was wearing one of your headbands and I really love it. I'm putting it on my mothers day wishlist.


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