i hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day no matter what you were doing or who you were with! i'll post more about our day later {with some poorly lit iphone photos- sorry!} but for now here are the wonderful treasuries i was featured in this week.
more thinking ahead to spring this week...lots of green!

featuring the olive green bobbies. thanks natalie!

this one features my teal & mustard dahlia ring. thank you cookie philosophy!

 featuring the freshly cut grass dahlia earrings. thanks choosing beauty!

and the dahlia ring again! this is a gorgeous collection that makes me wish for the sun. thanks berniolie

time to get a little work done around here then i'm off to the 'big city' this afternoon. i've been putting off stocking up on supplies and i have a craft show just around the corner so it's a much needed trip! i'll also be stopping at target for half off chocolate! did you know we're reaching the end of discount chocolate season? there's a big lull between the day after easter and the day after halloween. time to stock up! :)

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