fun with wire

since hubby has been out of town i've had lots of time to play with new jewelry ideas. the past few nights i've been trying my hand at making rings.  i need to get some legit supplies before i offer these in the shop (like a ring mandrel....probably shouldn't size rings on a highlighter for customers) but i love doing this!

 this first one matches the green meadows crocheted bracelet in the etsy shop. i wanted the funky look that comes from crocheting wire to come through in this ring and i think i succeeded!

to make this i took a piece of 20 gauge wire, formed a loop in each end and wrapped the whole piece in matching 26 gauge wire. to make it circular, i wrapped the piece around a highlighter that was a bit bigger than my ring size.
then i strung lots of beads onto another piece of 26 gauge wire and played with them until i was satisfied with the size and shape of the cluster. (i'll do a full tutorial soon, when i can take process pictures)
this one is a lot like the first one but made with freshwater pearls.  

these two are wire wrapped rings with a "rosette" on top. 20 gauge wire wrapped a few times around the highlighter (super professional i know!) then twisted around the top and finally wrapped back around the ring. i'm hoping to try this technique with a big pretty bead on top. 



  1. I love the rings with the beads, they are so pretty the brown and white reminds me of my favorite bridesmaid dress but I also really like the green one too a lot!

  2. Love the little rosette rings! Stopping by from Made by You Mondays To say hi & check out your creations:)

  3. These are so lovely! I am sure people are just going to eat them up - they would make fantastic gifts!


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