wiww: easter weekend

brandon, the fuzz dog and i made the trip down to chicagoland to spend easter weekend with my family. luckily my sister loves to document everything so there are pictures of what we wore almost every day. 

i managed to score last minute tickets to the cubs game on saturday so the whole family headed down to wrigley field (my favorite place on earth).

 we got all bundled up (baseball in chicago in april is not warm or glamorous) in our cubbie blue. they lost (of course) but we had a lot of fun together and i got to help a little boy in our row learn how to keep score.

we all managed to find a little cubs gear, even mom all bundled up is wearing a pink cubs hat. sister's sweatshirt is from victoria's secret (who knew?!) and i braved the cold in my short sleeve jersey just for the picture. 

plus! surprise! katie from food, wine and mod podge was there with her husband and sitting not to far away! we got to go say hello and tried to talk for a few minutes, but there really is no good place to stop and chat at a game. we ended up here, outside the mens room and the old style cart so that we wouldn't get yelled at! so good to hug her and meet her hubby chris!

sunday we celebrated the Resurrection as well as our family's april birthdays so sister and i got all dolled up. that little sister of mine is pretty glamorous isn't she? also how is it fair that little sisters get to be so much taller than big sisters?! not okay.

on me... 
shoes: elle (kohls)
belt: target
jewelry: from a giant box of costume jewelry someone passed on to me to repurpose!

on hubby...
polo & khakis probably both from kohls!

on sister...
dress: macy's (spring 2010)  
shoes: jessica simpson (tj maxx)

 happy easter from us kids! 

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  1. I love that you got to see Katie!!!! That's the best!

  2. No way! Did you see Katie once you were there? Small world. How fantastic!


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